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Body Girdle W/Bra, Side Zipper (10053)


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Our Post Surgical / Post Partum Girdles are made with Vivel Tex (see more about Vivel Tex below) the latest technology in control and compression garments. Highest quality fabrics and some of the most recognized International Quality Certification, guarantee long-lasting wear and super daily comfort. Our body shapers are built in top esthetics procedures needs with a wide range of styles and different control levels. These garments are "state of the art" fajas shapewear.

  • Garment Recommended for: Post Surgical procedures (Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Brazilian Buttlift) / Everyday Use / Postpartum Use / During Diets and Aesthetic Treatments / Workouts or Gym.
  • Body Girdle W/Bra, Side Zipper for recovery in post surgical procedures.
  • Right Lateral Zipper for easy wear and comfort.
  • Abdominal Reinforcement.
  • Flat seams to prevent markings on outter clothing. (Can be worn discreetly)
  • Luxury styling with the latest technology in control garments.
  • International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.
  • EXTERIOR * Powernet Extra Rugged and Lightweight.
  • INTERIOR * Ultra Soft Lycra ® Spandex with Vitamin E – Ginkgo Biloba and Marine Algae.
  • The number 1 brand in post-surgical and body shaping garments. The one most recommended by specialists for everyday use (CONSUMERS & INSIGHTS COLOMBIA 2011 – 2012).
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 7 business days for exchange
  • Softness - ComfortCompression and Control like no other! It Reduces up to 7 cm instantly.
  • Components with micro capsules of Vitamin E to provide soothing, invigorating, cell regeneration, and protect the skin from premature aging.

Vivel Tex helps to slim, moisturize and reaffirm the skin. The Vivel Tex Cosmecol is a combination of EMI, Seaweed, Vitamin E, and Ginkgo Biloba. Helps to regulate the level of fat that the skin loses over time and prevents deterioration.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and regenerates collagen in the cells and skin, as well as providing antioxidants and rejuvenation to the skin. It also stimulates the micro-circulation. Provides the skin a firm tone, illumination, and oxigen.


Seaweed helps reverse the effects of stress, which benefits you to get vitamins A, E, C and minerals like zinc, selenium and potassium. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate fat and reducing size. It also improves the texture and tone of skin.

Vitamina E

An antioxidant that helps regenerate skin, improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory component helps to regenerate naturally. Its especially useful to reduce scarring.

To use the skin must be clean and dry.
For greater compression and long life of the belt is recommended refrigerate for one hour after each use and let stand 15 minutes before restarting again
Care instructions: hand wash and air dry with mild soap

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